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The Short Story

The Short Store - Durga Chiranjeevi


Let's be real, pants feel like leg prisons on a hot, tiring day and I'm sure you would agree. As someone who loves to wear shorts on a regular basis it was a struggle to find ones that were aesthetically pleasing, affordable and of premium quality all in one place. I wondered why there wasn’t a brand that entirely focused on making great quality and fashionable short clothing for all occasions just like there are one-stop solutions for every other clothing category.

Be it for sport, to lounge or for a casual day out, your hunt for those perfect pair of shorts can now be, SHORT!! Our products are wardrobe staples made to last through all your perfect and imperfect moments designed, sourced and ethically manufactured in India. Our collection is minimal, chic and made for everyone.

It is my dream and joy to keep creating clothing that compliments your physique while keeping you and your wallet cozy. We can't wait to see you show your legs some love in one of our products soon!! (with some SPF ofcourse)

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