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About Us


The Short Store-y                                           

Shorts. What’s the first thing that pops in your mind when you hear this word?
Well, we unanimously felt that the common perception of shorts is similar to
the two far ends of a magnet - it’s always either physical activity or to relax.
We scratched our heads and wondered why can’t shorts also be associated to all the other everyday activities and all the things in-between? Because quite obviously it is the MOST comfortable clothing invention ever!!
What if there was a way to bridge the gap between these two distant ends of a magnet? What if we could re-imagine the love we have for shorts and turn every crooked stone?
We dug our shovels deep into this mystery ground and that’s how The Short Store was born in lockdown 2021. For the love of keeping every thing short and straight; just so that your style and comfort never bends out.

As people who wear shorts on a daily basis we wanted to create wardrobe staples for sport, lounge or casual that last through all the perfect and imperfect moments. Designed, sourced and ethically manufactured in India with great attention to detail, we wanted to capture every detail of joy that true comfort brings you.

The shorts of good times!

Made for the days when you just wake up and feel like doing nothing but just stay in all day long. Made for the times when you quickly want to grab your shoes and go for a sprint. Made for the times when you just want to crash on your couch and binge your favourite shows.
Made for the times when you want to augment your confidence to it’s level best at
office for more productive work.
Made for the times when you just want to be with yourself and be in your skin.
Well, all in all, it’s for every unreasonable/paramount everyday thing that’s possible on earth. And, we would be kidding if we’d say that you wouldn’t even want to skip leg days with our shorts on.
That’s what we call a perfect haul!

Our USP - Unique Short Point!
From active to lounge to denim to co-ords to smart casual wear, our range comprises of wardrobe staples that can be worn all year around, 364 days. One day, to be kept aside just to pinch yourself and believe it’s for real.
Well, keeping our long story short, our range of blissful and comfy shorts is something that you’d love to have in your everyday closet! We're only getting started.

If you're a shorts junkie just like we are, write to to let us know what you'd like for us to make next and we just might make it happen!

Much love,

Team TSS
Durga Chiranjeevi - Founder & CEO
Shuba Chiranjeevi - Co-Founder & CFO
Deepti Akki - Co-Founder